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Longhorn Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics welcomes kids and teens from all over Austin, Texas. Our dental professionals are committed to serving younger patients and operating a top-notch pediatric dental facility. We understand the unique needs and challenges that children and teens face when dealing with oral care. With our assistance, we can put your child on the right track for excellent dental health and help them obtain a great-looking smile that’s sure to make them the coolest kid in their class!


Providing quality dental care for younger patients involves more than just top-quality treatments. We also go the extra mile to make children and teens feel comfortable during their visit. We have video games and flat-screen TVs in our patient rooms so that your child can relax and enjoy themselves while our dental professionals provide them with care. We also strive to make our dental practice a convenient place for parents with our extended hours and financing options. We want to make our dental office a place that you and your child will look forward to visiting! We are also proud to accommodate children with special needs, and we offer hospital dentistry services.

The following general dentistry services are available at Longhorn Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics:

Mouth Guards

We strongly recommend the use of mouth guards for children and teens who play contact sports. After all, we don’t want your child to lose a tooth while playing the sport they love! We also offer night guards for treating bruxism. Our mouth guards are custom-fit to ensure maximum comfort and protection.

Regular Checkups

We recommend bringing your child in by their first birthday to begin giving them regular dental checkups. Each checkup includes a full examination, a professional cleaning and digital X-rays if necessary.


For parents who want to protect their children’s molars and premolars from trapping bacteria and developing decay, sealants are a great solution. This treatment involves applying a plastic coating over the teeth to keep the nasty stuff from getting stuck in their back teeth!

Tooth-Colored Fillings

It is common for children to develop a cavity at some point. We know they can’t resist all that candy! Our dental professionals can provide a tooth-colored composite filling that looks natural and fully restores the tooth.

Longhorn Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics also offers a special Dental Assistant Training Program for our older patients. This is a fantastic program for teens who feel they may be interested in pursuing a career in dentistry later in life. The program lasts 13 sessions with classes being held on either Saturdays or Sundays. We are happy to provide more information for teens and their parents.


Longhorn Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics is the perfect dental center for kids and teens! Our staff looks forward to meeting your child and providing them with the best oral care and service available. Please call us at (512) 234-3535  to schedule an appointment.


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