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At Longhorn Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we know that receiving top-quality dental care at an early age is more likely to lead to positive oral health as your child grows older. Parents should be aware that a child is already at-risk for developing tooth decay as soon as their first teeth begin to emerge. Once a child has their first teeth, they should begin making regular dental visits once every six months. Making these visits early is also important for helping children become more familiar and comfortable with the process.

Our dental treatments are specifically designed with pediatric patients in mind. It is important to remember that baby teeth and permanent adult teeth have different characteristics, and they require a different type of care. Our pediatric professionals understand the challenges that children face in maintaining positive oral health, and these treatments will help them accomplish that goal. Always keep in mind that a little bit of effort now can prevent your child from having to undergo more extensive corrective dental treatments later on in life. The following pediatric dental services are available at Longhorn Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics:


Dental sealants are used to protect a child’s back teeth from exposure to harmful bacteria and plaque. These appliances are a thin acrylic coating that is painted over the teeth and allowed to harden. Once bonded, they will prevent food particles and bacteria from getting trapped in the grooves and depressions of your child’s back teeth.

Fluoride Applications

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in certain foods and in water. The substance has been proven to be beneficial as it can strengthen tooth enamel and reverse the early effects of tooth decay.


We provide tooth-colored composite fillings for children who have developed a cavity or some other type of tooth decay or deterioration. Not only do these fillings add to the overall strength of teeth, they also look natural. The fillings we provide are extremely safe, and they can be used for many types of dental restorations.

Emergency Dentistry

There are many cases where a child will experience a sudden injury or problem and require prompt treatment. This isn’t much of a surprise considering the active lives kids enjoy. Our experts will make every effort to see your child as soon as possible, and we will work to keep them relaxed and comfortable during this event.


Dental crowns are provided to children for the purpose of restoring teeth with severe damage. These are custom-made restorations that leave teeth looking natural and functioning very well.

Phase-One Orthodontics

Phase-one orthodontics is also sometimes referred to as interceptive orthodontics. This term refers to any orthodontic treatment that is designed to adjust a child’s baby teeth before their adult teeth have developed. This can be very important for ensuring proper oral health during a child’s younger years.

Longhorn Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics also offers a special Dental Assistant Training Program for our older patients. This is a fantastic program for teens who feel they may be interested in pursuing a career in dentistry later in life. The program lasts 13 sessions, with classes being held on either Saturdays or Sundays. We are happy to provide more information for teens and their parents.


Help your child achieve excellent oral health by bringing them to Longhorn Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics. Our specialized pediatric treatments will go a long way towards helping them achieve better long-term oral health. Keep in mind that it is much easier to prevent dental health problems during childhood than it is to correct them later on in life! Please call us at (512) 234-3535 to schedule an appointment.


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