Your Child's First Dental Visit
in Austin

Our office, as well as The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Dental Association (ADA), and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) all recommend establishing a "Dental Home" for your child by one year of age. Children who have a dental home are more likely to receive appropriate preventive and routine oral health care. This creates stability and routine for your child and helps promote a positive foundation for good oral health.

Child's First Dental Visit in Austin

Preparing for Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

If your child is old enough, talk to them about their visit to the dentist in a positive way. Let them know it’s coming up, but refrain from making anything sound scary or like too big of a deal. Playing dental games with your child or letting them play pretend dentist on you are good ways to help break the ice.

If your child is experiencing anxiety about visiting the dentist, we recommend bringing them into our office for a social visit. They can meet our staff and explore the office so that they have a better idea about what to expect when they arrive for their appointment.

Your Child’s Dental Appointment

When your child arrives for their first dental appointment, let us know about any special accommodations that we should make. We’ll do everything we can to ensure the safety and comfort of your family while you’re in our care.

We will communicate in a gentle and friendly way with your child, and offer amenities to help them stay relaxed during their visit. We know that a positive experience at the dentist can help promote a lifetime of healthy smiles for your child.

We invite you to stay with your child during the initial examination. During future appointments, we suggest you allow your child to accompany our staff through the dental experience. We can usually establish a closer rapport with your child when you are not present. Our purpose is to gain your child's confidence and overcome apprehension. However, if you choose, you are more than welcome to accompany your child to the treatment room. For the safety and privacy of all patients, other children who are not being treated should remain in the reception room with a supervising adult.

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Review from Amanda B.
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Five Stars

Amanda B.

I was so grateful to have been recommended to Longhorn Pediatric Dentistry! Dr. Arzegar and all of the staff are wonderful with the children. I had such peace of mind being there and knew my children were in good hands! Everything was explained thoroughly and all of my questions were answered with professionalism and kindness. We just moved and will miss it there!
Review from Gloricsa V.
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Five Stars

Gloricsa V.

The staff is super friendly, very nice people. I was there this Tuesday, I had Karen helping around and making our visit pleasant! Great place (:
Review from Trianna A.
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Five Stars

Trianna A.

My kids love coming here, the ladies in the front Valerie, Karen and Maria always make the task of checking in and making appointments easy and stress free! Very accommodating to my kiddos, highly recommend!
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Dr. Reza Arzegar is a board-certified Austin Pediatric Dental Specialist.

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