Intraoral cameras play an important role in our office, allowing our pediatric dentist to assess and communicate oral health issues with precision and provide your child with the care they need. These compact, pen-shaped devices help Dr. Reza Arzegar view all areas of your child’s mouth with ease, as well as give your child a more comfortable imaging experience.

The intraoral camera’s primary function is to capture high-quality color images of various aspects of a child’s mouth. Its small size and flexibility enable us to access and visualize areas that might be challenging to observe with the naked eye. This ability is especially crucial in pediatric dentistry, where tiny mouths and restless patients can make examinations more challenging.

Our team relies on intraoral cameras to assess oral health comprehensively. We use these images to diagnose conditions like tooth decay, gum disease and dental trauma, including cracked or chipped teeth. Moreover, these images serve as essential reference points for tracking post-treatment progress.

Beyond their clinical utility, intraoral camera images benefit our patients and their families. These visual aids facilitate clear and informative discussions about oral health, treatment options and preventive measures. Additionally, we can easily share these images with other dental professionals and insurance providers, ensuring seamless coordination of care.

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