Bruxism, the involuntary grinding of teeth, is common among children. This teeth grinding typically occurs during sleep and can stem from a variety of triggers, including stress, misaligned teeth, pain responses, hyperactivity or reactions to medications or underlying medical conditions.

While many children with bruxism go unnoticed and experience no adverse effects, some may encounter discomfort such as headaches, earaches, heightened sensitivity to temperature, facial and jaw pain, or the unfortunate consequences of chipped and worn teeth. Although most children ultimately outgrow this habit, it is crucial for both parents and dental professionals to monitor the situation to safeguard the children’s oral health.

Routine dental checkups, occurring every six months, serve as a fundamental preventive measure. However, vigilant parents should also watch for signs at home, including grinding noises during sleep, chewing-related pain, or complaints of a sore jaw or face upon waking.

If your child has bruxism, our pediatric dentist may recommend a night guard as a solution. Night guards are a custom-made oral appliance worn during sleep, and work to prevent your child’s teeth from grinding against each other, preventing damage to their teeth and helping them enjoy better oral health as well as a more restful sleep. Our pediatric dentist may also recommend relaxation exercises before bedtime and addressing the root causes of stress or discomfort in your child’s life.

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