Gingivectomy, also referred to as pocket reduction, or flap surgery, is a periodontal procedure used to fight gum disease. Dr. Reza Arzegar provides pediatric gingivectomy to address gum disease in children and help preserve and protect your child’s oral health.

The human mouth is teeming with various types of bacteria, and when left unchecked, these microbes can wreak havoc on a child’s gums and overall oral health. These bacteria produce acids that lead to gum inflammation and infection, ultimately culminating in periodontal disease. Pediatric gingivectomy steps in to combat these microbial intruders and quell the inflammation, all in an effort to safeguard your child’s precious teeth and gums.

Key benefits of pediatric gingivectomy include:

  • Reducing Bacterial Spread: By eliminating the source of infection, gingivectomy halts the relentless advance of harmful bacteria in your child’s mouth.
  • Halting Bone Loss: Periodontal disease can erode the bone that supports teeth, a perilous outcome that pediatric gingivectomy aims to prevent.
  • Facilitating Effective Home Care: After the procedure, maintaining oral hygiene becomes more manageable, contributing to the long-term wellbeing of your child’s oral health.

When your child receives this treatment, our pediatric dentist will begin by administering a local and general anesthetic. This helps ensure your child’s comfort throughout their procedure. Dr. Arzegar will then gently move their gums back from their teeth to remove bacteria and calculus through scaling and root planing. An antimicrobial agent is administered to eradicate any remaining bacteria and encourage healing. Finally, your child’s gums will be sutured back into place to prevent them from shifting.

After your child’s surgery they may experience heightened gum and tooth sensitivity. This discomfort should pass quickly, and within a few weeks there will be a reduction in periodontal pockets and a noticeable improvement in your child’s overall oral health.

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