If your child’s permanent teeth have come in and they have experienced tooth damage, Dr. Reza Arzegar can provide them with a dental crown to restore and protect their tooth. Also known as a dental cap, your child’s crown will be specially designed to fit their tooth perfectly, covering the entire visible portion of the tooth to restore its appearance, shape and strength. Your child’s crown will also be made from high-quality zirconia, giving it a beautiful and natural appearance.

Our pediatric dentist may recommend a dental crown if your child’s tooth has sustained damage from decay, cracking, fractures or chipping, as well as if their tooth has a large filling and little remaining natural tooth structure.

The process for getting a dental crown typically involves two appointments. During the first visit, our pediatric dentist will take impressions and your child’s tooth will be prepared for the crown. A temporary crown may be placed to protect their tooth while the final crown is fabricated. The second appointment involves placing the custom-made, permanent crown onto the tooth. Setting up two appointments ensures a comfortable and functional fit and fully restoring your child’s oral health and smile.

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