Our dedicated pediatric dentist may recommend a fluoride treatment if your child’s teeth are susceptible to cavities. Fluoride, a natural mineral found in various foods and water sources, plays a vital role in fortifying tooth enamel against decay. While your child obtains some fluoride from their diet and toothpaste, professional fluoride treatments provide an extra layer of protection.

As your child consumes food and beverages, the harmful trifecta of bacteria, sugars and acids can take a negative toll on their tooth enamel, causing demineralization and increasing the risk of cavities. Fluoride intervenes by replenishing the minerals in the tooth enamel, rendering it more resistant to the corrosive agents within the mouth. Furthermore, fluoride aids in the development of strong teeth, ensuring their long-term health.

During your child’s dental visit, Dr. Reza Arzegar will assess their fluoride levels to determine the need for a fluoride treatment. If deemed beneficial, our pediatric dentist and team will administer the treatment, which typically takes just a few minutes. Fluoride treatments are available in various forms, such as gel, varnish or foam, ensuring a comfortable experience for your child.

We invite you to call Longhorn Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics at 512-892-2443 if you have any questions about fluoride treatment in Austin, Texas, or want to schedule your child’s appointment with our pediatric dentist. We are committed to safeguarding your child’s dental health and providing them with a radiant smile that lasts a lifetime.