If your child experiences extreme difficulty in receiving dental treatment, Dr. Reza Arzegar may recommend general anesthesia and hospital dentistry as a solution. This type of sedation, performed in a hospital setting, is typically recommended for situations such as:

  • Extreme Anxiety – When your child cannot relax or remain calm to receive treatment safely in a regular dental setting.
  • Complex Procedures – If your child is receiving oral surgery or another intricate dental procedure that cannot be performed while your child is awake.
  • Extensive Dental Work – If your child requires more comprehensive dental work that needs to be completed in a single visit.
  • Special Needs or Disabilities – Children with special needs or disabilities that may hinder their ability to receive treatment or to comply with treatment instructions.
  • Pre Existing Conditions – Children who have a medical condition that require the resources of a hospital facility to receive care.

General anesthesia works to induce a controlled state of unconsciousness, allowing our experienced pediatric dentist and team to provide them with essential care while also ensuring your child’s comfort and safety throughout the procedure.

General anesthesia is typically administered through inhalation or an injection into your child’s hand or arm. In some cases, a long-lasting local anesthetic may also be employed to ensure post-operative comfort. This local anesthetic ensures that the child wakes up feeling numb, minimizing any potential discomfort once the general anesthesia wears off.

Prior to your child’s procedure, our team will provide you with comprehensive instructions regarding preoperative dietary restrictions and postoperative care. Please make sure to follow these instructions meticulously, as they will help your child prepare for their appointment, receive the care they need and recover following their procedure.

Hospital dentistry offers many benefits to your child, including a more controlled environment and increased comfort. Our pediatric dentist and team will work closely with hospital staff and specialists as needed to ensure that your child receives every advantage possible to ensure their wellbeing and receive the care they need. The decision to recommend hospital dentistry is based on thorough examinations and your child’s behavior during office visits. It is only recommended when absolutely necessary, and we will discuss all alternative options with you first.

If you have any questions or concerns about pediatric general anesthesia or hospital dentistry in Austin, Texas, please contact Longhorn Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics at 512-892-2443. We are committed to providing the best possible care for your child and ensuring you are fully informed and prepared for their treatment. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about these options and how we can assist you. Your child’s oral health and comfort are our top priorities.